Diabetic Association of Pakistan Karachi, was established in Sindhi Muslim Housing Society in 1966 to provide medical care to diabetic patients, on a small scale, with one Medical Officer and two laboratory technicians, Later on the Management of Diabetic Association of Pakistan embarked upon an expansion programme, and shifted to Nazimabad in 1981 with larger space and better facilities. By the grace of God we are now providing medical care to almost 250-300 diabetic patients, daily in our OUT PATIENTS CLINIC.


  1. Detailed examination and clinical investigation of diabetic patients are made on first Visit.
  2. Medical advice and periodical checkup by qualified and experienced Medical Officers is made. There are four male and six female Medical Officers, to provide medical care to the diabetics.
  3. A complete record of all patients is kept and patients registered by the Association so far exceeds 120,222.
  4. Diabetic" Foot Care Clinic" provide specialized treatment of infectious and wounds due to diabetes.
  5. Full-fledged Clinical Laboratory with qualified and experienced Lab. Technicians and a Biochemist, perform all type of clinical tests.
  6. Services of two qualified Dieticians is available to give advice to diabetic patients on Diet.
  7. Ambulance Service.

Diabetic Association of Pakistan Karachi is also providing free of cost services to the poor and deserving men, widows, orphans and children, medical care and consultation, hypoglycaemic agents, Insulin injections, advice on diet control and education on diabetes. "Foot Care Clinic" provides consultation and treatment of infection due to diabetes.

Educational Material

  1. For the benefit of Medical Practitioners and Diabetic patients, Association is regularly bringing out a monthly" DIABETES DIGEST" in English and URDU language.
  2. Book ON Diabetes in URDU.
  3. National Clinical Practice Guidelines in English.
  4. Diet Chart.
  5. Diabetes and Ramdan.
  6. How to Inject Insulin - Urdu & English.
  7. Diet & Exercise - Urdu.


  1. Fortnightly lectures and case discussions for in house doctors
  2. Weekly lectures by medical officers on different aspects of diabetes and its management for patients attending the OPD of Diabetic Association of Pakistan.
  3. Articles on Diabetes and its complications, with preventive measures have been contributed regularly to the print media.
  4. Physicians from DAP have participated in Discussions on Diabetes in TV and Radio programme.
  5. Organized the World Diabetes Day from 1992. The morning session for doctors included a talk on "Diabetes and Foot Care" followed by a panel discussion. The afternoon programme for people with diabetes, their family members and friends, was a question and answer session with a panel of experts responding to the queries raised by the audience. The aim was to create awareness amongst masses.
  6. A high tech Non Mydriatic Fundus Camera (NMFC) has been installed in the Diabetic Association of Pakistan (DAP) for the photographic screening of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) by Fred Hollows Foundation (FHF). This project has been started in collaboration with Diabetic Association of Pakistan, Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital (AIEH) Malir Karachi and the FHF since 2nd March 2009. The Fred Hollows Foundation (FHF) is a non-profitable and non governmental organisation working in Pakistan since 1998, for the control and prevention of avoidable blindness, in close partnership with Ministry of Health (MoH). Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital (AIEH) has provided technical assistance for the screening for retinopathy, while DAP has provided space, medical technologist and other facilities. This camera is an advanced technology and takes Photograph of the retina without the dilatation of the pupil.
  7. Laser Argon Treatment for the diabetics Suffering from Retinopathy. The project was started since 2nd March 2009 in collaboration with the Diabetic Association of Pakistan, Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital (AIEH) Malir Karachi and Fred Hollows Foundation (FHF) for the photographic screening of Diabetic Association of Pakistan Nazimabad has now started the Laser Argon Therapy from 1st January 2011 for Diabetic Retinopathy at very nominal charge for those patients who are registered with Diabetic Association of Pakistan. Laser Machine has been installed by the Fred Hollows Foundation(FHF0 which is a non-profitable and non-governmental organization working in Pakistan since 1998 for the control and prevention o avoidable blindness, in case partnership with the Ministry of Health (MoH). Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital (AEIH) has provided technical assistance for the screening and treatment for retinopathy, with the Diabetic Association of Pakistan has provided space, medical treatment and other facilities.