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About Us
The Diabetic Association of Pakistan (DAP) was established in 1966 and out patient clinic was started.Affiliated with International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in 1967. It is one of the oldest members of the IDF and 13th in order of affiliation.

1982 The Eye Clinic for diabetics was started
1985 Secretary General Diabetic Association of Pakistan, Prof A Samad Shera was elected as Vice President of IDF at the 12th IDF Congress at Madrid-Spain.
1985 Collaboration with Dow Medical College Karachi for treatment of Pregnant Diabetics.
1987 Establishment of Diabetic Foot Clinic.
1988 DAP Started monthly publication of “Diabetes Digest”.
1990 DAP was the host to the “Vth World Congress on Diabetes in the Tropics and Developing Countries” which was attended by 500 delegates from 33 countries. The first Annual Advanced Education Course on diabetes for Family Physicians was also held in the same year.
1991 DAP was designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre for “Treatment, Education and Research in Diabetes and Diabetic Pregnancies”.
1992 World Diabetes Day was held for the first time in Pakistan by DAP.
1994-1998 National Prevalence Survey on Diabetes was conducted by DAP in collaboration with WHO-Geneva.
1995 “First International Diabetes Federation-WHO Regional Course on Diabetes” was organised by DAP. In the same year a clinical conference was held in Karachi, jointly sponsored by British Diabetes Association and Diabetic Association of Pakistan.
1997 Secretary General Diabetic Association of Pakistan, Prof A Samad Shera was elected as Honorary President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in Helsinki, Finland during the IDF World Congress.
1999 First ‘Diabetes in Asia Conference’ was organised, which was attended by 600delegates from 18 countries.
2004 “Fourth Diabetes in Asia Conference” was held in Karachi.
2004-2005 DAP website was set up and computer networking was established.
2009 Non- Mydriatic fundus camera was installed to screen diabetic patients for retinopathy.
2011 Laser Argon therapy for treatment of diabetic retinopathy was started.