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Message from the President
Mr. I.A. Hanfi
As a member of IDF, we are able to participate in the largest global network of diabetes organisations dedicated to achieve progress for people with diabetes.
IDF membership gives access to:
  • Educational materials, with access to proven, effective, professional education about diabetes

  • Communication materials, with access to World Diabetes Day printed campaign material

  • Networking opportunities, through a global network of diabetes organisations connections and through the World Diabetes Congress with the opportunity to share experiences and strategize with the diabetes community.

Diabetes is a chronic and costly disease. The world is experiencing it as an epidemic. The significant efforts to prevent diabetes would not be possible without sufficient diabetes education. Every person with diabetes should receive education to help them manage their diabetes better. Every one should be aware that early diagnosis and management of diabetes will prevent or delay the complications of diabetes and that Type 2 Diabetes is preventable.

To do nothing is not an option. Act Now – Tomorrow will be too late.
  • Eat less. walk more

  • Avoid obesity at all cost

  • Eat healthy diet.