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Daiabetes Association of Pakistan




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There are a range of activities held at the DAP, some of them are:

  • Research activities
  • Educational and Awareness Programmes
    • Fortnightly Patient Education Programme at DAP
    • World Diabetes Day
    • Annual General Practitioners Course

-          24th Advanced Course on Diabetes for Family Physicians and Post Graduate Students from 2nd to 7th   September  2013 at  PMA House Garden Road, Karachi.  Registration Fee Rs 1000/- Last date of  Registration 31st Aug 2013.

    • Diabetes Awareness Programmes

-          World Diabetes Day 2013 will be held on Sunday, 17th November, 2013 at Hotel  Regent Plaza, Karachi.

    • Kawish Programme
  • Noma Project
  • Publications & Newsletters
    Diabetes digest is published every month by Diabetic Association of Pakistan since 1988
  • Book on Diabetes (Urdu)
  • Diet Chart